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About Us

Birthday is always special for everyone; it is a precious moment that has to be celebrated. For parents who have kids at toddler age, or for sons and daughters whose parents are with grey hair, preparing a birthday party is always exciting and challenging. Even if it just a small party, you still hope it will run well, has enough preparation, fun, and memorable.



Let us do part of the job for you!!
Check out our recent designs from our website!!
Want something new and special?
E-mail to us anytime

** Suggestion on any cartoon theme is welcome
** Send us your lovely photos and we add them to your personalized the banner
** Call us also for Christmas Party, Graduation Dinner, Housewarming, Farewell, or whatever if you need a charming and glamorous banner!!
Tips for a memorable party:
- State a party theme (a glamorous banner can help!!)
- Prepare the invitation, electronic or paper
- Prepare a cake
- Decide the menu, buffet or a la carte
- Choose the person who has sense of humor to   speech on   the party
- Don't forget to make a recording
- Optional: Give the guests a goodie bag that  have a personal touch  by the host

Other freelance graphic design service:


- Corporate Identity: Logo, Namecard

- Web Graphic: facebook, Instagram

- Flyer
- Brochure
- Poster
- Catalogue




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